2018 NACDL Conference: Combatting the Surveillance State

This FREE Training event, co-sponsored by NACDL and the Berkeley Center on Law and Technology (BCLT), will be held at The International House, at the University of California – Berkeley, November 29-30, 2018.

Advanced technologies are revolutionizing how the government investigates, charges and prosecutes criminal cases—and defense attorneys must keep pace. Even small police departments can purchase powerful surveillance technologies, and internet companies collect vast troves of data on virtually everyone. This two-day CLE conference will discuss the government’s use of technologically advanced investigative techniques in criminal cases, and the issues raised by those techniques under the Fourth Amendment and other federal law.

– What technologies and data sources do prosecutors and investigators have available to them?
– How do you know if the government electronically surveilled your client?
– Do surveillance technologies work as advertised?
– What Fourth Amendment and other arguments support suppression?

Our technology and legal experts will help you know the latest on how to defend cases involving advanced technologies.

NACDL Conduct Policy:
NACDL endeavors to foster a working, learning, and social environment free of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and insult. To that end, NACDL has adopted a Code of Conduct for Affiliated Persons that applies to all attendees and participants of any kind at all NACDL sponsored events. You may access the full Code [here].

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