Laura Barfield holds a degree in Biochemistry and has been involved in the field of forensic toxicology for almost 20 years. For most of this time, Ms. Barfield was the head of the Alcohol Testing Program for the State of Florida, and was responsible for ensuring blood and breath alcohol test results were accurate and reliable for admissibility as evidence in court. She can provide the assistance you need to understand and successfully defend the hyper-technical issues involving the analysis and impairing effects of alcohol and drugs of abuse.


Christopher Robinson has been working in the field of Forensics for over 16 years and has performed over 150,000 forensic examinations. He worked at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for 10 years and was the Director of the Atlanta Police Department Crime Lab for three years. Mr. Robinson is now the president of Chris Robinson Forensics and personally handles case. He has worked over 7,000 cases and has testified nearly 600 times. As well as working cases, Mr. Robinson also provides numerous seminars across the United States in the areas of Firearms, Blood Spatter, and Crime Scene Reconstruction.