FREE Telephonic Briefing on June 27: Carpenter v. United States

NACDL will host a telephone briefing tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27, at 2pm, on the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Carpenter v. United States, requiring a warrant to obtain cell phone location data from service providers.

On hand to break down the Carpenter opinion and its implications will be:

  • John Wesley Hall, NACDL’s 50th Past President and one of the nation’s top experts in Fourth Amendment law
  • Michael Price, Senior Litigation Counsel for NACDL’s Fourth Amendment Center

What did the Court decide, and when is a warrant required to access cell phone location data? What does Carpenter mean for the “third-party doctrine”? Can Carpenter extend to cover other types of data? Does Carpenter change how defense lawyers should frame new Fourth Amendment challenges? Dial in tomorrow at 2pm for an expert analysis of these questions and more:

Dial: 515-739-1030

Meeting: 672-164-679



Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels.