FREE Webinar: Location Privacy After Carpenter – July 2

Just how private is location data kept by cellphone providers?

Join us after the Supreme Court renders its decision in Carpenter v. United States to hear experts reflect on implications for policy and practice.


  • Professor Laura Donohue, Fourth Amendment expert, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Jason Downs, Criminal litigation expert, Downs Collins
  • Todd Hesel, Appellate criminal prosecutor, Maryland Office of the Attorney General
  • Professor Sibren Isaacman, Cellular network data expert, Loyola University Maryland
  • Matt Mitchell, Digital safety and privacy expert, Tactical Technology Collective and Crypto Harlem
  • Professor Stephanie Pell, Location privacy expert and former Hill staffer, West Point’s Army Cyber Institute
  • Nathan Freed Wessler, Attorney for Timothy Ivory Carpenter, American Civil Liberties Union

Lunch and coffee will be provided. If you are not able to attend in person, please register to watch the livestream. You will receive an email with the link on where you can view it.

Register here.


Photo by Noah Erickson from Pexels.