NACDL Winter Meeting: From Tech to Touch: Challenging and Suppressing Evidence Before Trial

Today’s criminal defense bar is facing ever-increasing challenges when protecting their clients from law enforcement searches, unreliable information and prejudicial evidence. This program will arm you with the tools necessary to combat these  intrusions and prosecutorial overreach, and equip you with effective strategies to suppress them whether on 4th and 5th Amendment grounds or by other pretrial motions.

Our nationally recognized faculty of experts and leading litigators will address the latest challenges and tactics to effectively suppress and preclude use of the prosecution’s evidence.  You will acquire the skills necessary to suppress searches whether they arise from the increasing intrusions into our privacy as technology advances or old fashioned methods such as racial profiling, canine sniffs or knock and talks.   Learn the latest techniques to suppress eyewitness identification and statements obtained in violation of your client’s Miranda rights.  We’ll also cover creative motions to file, to preclude the admission of prejudicial evidence, inadmissible hearsay violating the right to confrontation and Daubert challenges to unvalidated forensic science and so-called prosecution experts. Most importantly, you will be provided with the strategic tools and arguments to protect your clients from a large variety of law enforcement and prosecution abuse.

There’s no time like the middle of winter to join your NACDL colleagues in sunny San Diego for this essential program to prepare yourself for future litigation.

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