Registration Open: Forensic Science Friday – Medical Testimony and Records

This month’s Forensic Science Friday will feature Attorney James P. Cooney III and Certified Forensic Nurse Tara Godoy.

James Cooney will be discussing State v. Gell, where he successfully acquitted a man who had been sentenced to death row. This talk will touch on the investigation of the medical examiner in the case, the facts surrounding the time of death, and how this investigation was able win a new trial for Alan Gell and eventually an acquittal. Mr. Cooney will talk about what was persuasive in this case and how to present that evidence at trial.

Tara Godoy will be discussing review of medical records. She will explain what to look for in medical records, how to break them up in to more manageable pieces, how to digest medical history within them, and how to find evidence of drugs of abuse. She will also touch briefly on time of death as would be found in a medical examiners report and how to interpret evidence of bruising.

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