Strengthening Forensic Science: From the Scene to the Courtroom

Opening  and Keynote Presentation – Robert Wesley and Dr. Michael Sigman

Intersection of Science, Law, and Statistics

Distinguishing Between Opinion and Relevance Versus Demonstrably Sufficient Science – Dr. Karan Kafadar

Forensic Textile Fiber Identification Using Detergent Fluorescence  – Dr. Nirvani Mujumdar

Characterization and Classification of Silicone Lubricants with Statistics – Brooke Baumgarten

Distinguishing Sexual Lubricants from Personal Hygiene Products (PHP) for Sexual Assault Investigations – Yasmine Moustafa

Expert Witness Issues

Challenges and Solutions for Expert Witness Testimony – Jessica Gabel Cino

Workshop: Cross Examination of Expert Witness – Stephan Krejci

Case Studies: The Importance of Proper Evidence Collection and Presentation in Court

The Orlando Police Department Cold Case Initiatives – Det. Michael Moreschi

Proper Collection of Evidence – Dr. Mark Kerrin

Characterization and Quantification of the Microbial Degradation of Sexual Lubricants – Danielle Green

Novel Trends in Forensic Analysis

Next Generation Detection Technologies in Forensic Science – Dr. Adam Hall

Biological Sex Determination Via Elemental Analysis by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy – Dr. Mauro Martinez

Modern Forensic Palynology: Extracting All Information from These Tiny Particles – Dr. Matthieu Baudelet

Identification of Cosmetic Particles Transferred During Close Personal Attacks – Kandyss Najjar

Accurate Interpretation of Evidence

What is Forensic Statistics, and What Does it Mean for Forensic Pattern Recognition? – Dr. Simon Cole

Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS): A New Tool for Forensic Paint Examiners – Dr. Mark Maric

Analytical Protocol Development for Rapid Detection of Adulterants in Urinalysis – Bianca Olivieri

Characterization of Sexual Lubricants and Condoms Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry – Caterina Vadell-Orsini

Keynote Presentation

Legal Aspects of Including Statistics in Court – Stephan Krejci and Dr. Candice Bridge