She Swiped Her Co-Worker’s Coke Can. Police Say It Cracked a 28-Year-Old Murder Case

The police were again circling the Franz Bakery Outlet in the spring of 2017, hungry for information, and now she knew why.

The shop, a branch of a commercial outfit supplying baked goods to customers across the region, was located on an empty two-lane road north of Bellingham, Wash. The investigators had come once before, in 2013, asking about a delivery truck driver named Timothy Bass. Strangely, they had wanted to know details of his daily routes decades ago.

Now, four years later, a female co-worker — who has not been publicly named — asked why. They told her: Bass was a suspect in the 1989 rape and murder of 18-year-old Mandy Stavik, one of the region’s most infamous unsolved crimes.

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